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Movie Review "Interview" Starring Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller

“Interview” stars Steve Buscemi (Lonesome Jim, Fargo, and Reservoir Dogs) and Sienna Miller (Factory Girl, Casanova, Alfie) in a sexually charged film about media, truth, and celebrity. The movie plays like rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway on the worse of all possible days and in this scenario, the audience becomes lookie-loos drawn into one verbal collision after another.

Buscemi plays a respected political journalist assigned to interview pop diva and soap opera star Miller. He finds it beneath his dignity and their two worlds collided, he as serious political writer and she as superficial celebrity. He sits in a restaurant for an hour waiting for her and when she finally arrives, she complains about not getting her usual table. He becomes more irritable and makes it clear he hasn’t seen any of her work and doesn’t care to. To make matters worse, he is missing a searing White House scandal he should have been covering instead. The interview is a disaster lasting only ten minutes and they depart separately. However, Buscemi is involved in a taxi accident and Miller, walking home, takes him to her nearby loft to tend to his injuries.

For the next hour and a half, they verbally spar in a game of bumper tag, where egos are dented and then quickly patched with superficial silly putty. Liquor and coke are consumed lowering their inhibitions. They try to outmaneuver one another with head games. Soon dark secrets and long-hidden vulnerabilities emerge. This is a tour de force performance where Miller and Buscemi engage the audience’s interest and remain dynamic despite the long extended conversation. We are taken for a ride where truth and deception become blurred; where the movie plays more so in our minds than on the screen. While we wait for the big crash and burn scene, the story takes a strange twist at the end. Lies are told, a crime is confessed, and mix-ups create a terrifying revelation. As the end credits come up, we wonder what happened to these two people, more so what’s going to happen to them. Despite being unlikable, we still care and want more.

CREDITS: The film, directed by Steve Buscemi, written by David Schechter and Steve Buscemi is based on Dutch director Theio Van Gogh’s film by the same name. Original script is by Theodor Hotman’s. Film stars Sienna Miller (Nominated Best Actress-Independent Spirit Awards), Tara Elders, David Schechter, Molly Griffith, and Jackson Loo, Philippe Vonlanthen, Wayne Wilcox, and Yan Xi.. Cinematographer: Evan Lurie, Editor: Kate William, Composer: Loren Weeks. 83 Minutes. Rated R. Available on DVD.